• I’m a software engineer in Madison, WI specializing in C#, WPF, and .NET technologies.
  • I graduated from Drexel University with a Masters in Computer Science.
  • I have a professional development experience of more than 2 years.
  • I like social coding and open source projects; look at my projects for more information.
  • Tech evangelist who likes to properly organize and structure his code.
  • I am a big fan of Sachin, Dhoni, A.R. Rahman, Ilayaraja, Jackie Chan, Keanu Reeves and love Chennai !!
Sachin Dhoni Rahman IR Jackie Keanu
Bazinga FIFA CS CS
  • I like sci-fi movies but I am not into books
  • I enjoy watching and learning tech from video tutorials
  • I own Windows and Android gadgets - prefer to stay that way (iOwn).
  • I like my Yamaha MOX6 a lot and get to music composing when I find time (hardly find time nowadays).
  • I am a BIG foodie and love to cook.
  • StackOverflow, CodeProject, GitHub, Codeplex junkie.
  • Sheldon Cooper rocks !!

Hello! I'm a 26 year old, WPF/C# self-learned software developer, musician from India with a Master's degree in Computer science. I believe that every piece of software and information/knowledge is available for free for those who seek it.


The purpose of this website is to share code, knowldedge, and happiness. Credits to plusjade for jekyll-bootstrap and this website.